Driven hunt

About Driven hunt

Driven hunt
The best time for Driven hunt is November,December and January.It is possible to provide driven hunt for groups or individualist as well.It is possible to combine driven hunts,where Red deer or Mouflons can be hunt too,with one or two days of pheasant hunting.Estimated cull is 1 pieces/hunter/day.Eventhough we have driven hunt for 3 days in our price list, we can do the hunt for different numbers of days.

Driven hunt 1.460.-€

Driven hunt
Driven game shooting

Hunting in the bohemian forests, altitude ca.400-800 m.
Wildlife that is available to bag: wild boar, red deer, mouflon, sika deer in limited number


Hunting package: 1.460.-€


Included in the price: 

5 days - 3 hunting days,1 day for arrival and 1 day for departue

hunting licence, insurance and invitation

transportation in the hunging area

interpreter service


Shooting down:

wild boar (tusker, pig, piglet, sow - closed season),

red deer (hind, calf),

sika deer (Sika hind, Sika calf), 

mouflon (mouflon ewe, mouflon lamb),


Driver and dogs are available.


Additional cost: 

Accomodation and service 76,- € for hunter and day

Realistic bag: 1 piece/hunter /day

Trophy: red deer, fallow deer, mouflon deer - according to the price list


Additional hunting day: 367.-€/hunter (organizing of huntings, driver, dogs, transport in hunting area and interpreter, accomodation and service) + price for additional hunting


At dusk hunting bag, after will the hunters leave for their accomodation.