Ducks hunting

About duck hunting

Ducks hunting

The western part of the Czech Republic, near the town of Tachov, is one of the best places
for duck hunting.

Groups from 10 - 15 hunters
Realistic bag:
50 - 100 Ducks on a hunting day per hunter.


Included in the price:

175,-€ p.P. and hunting day (organization of hunting, driver, dogs, interpreter,transport in the area (if necessary),accommodation, food

55,-€ p.P.hunting license, insurance, hunting invitation
13,-€ per duck


Program: Arrival on Friday evening, hotel accommodation, meeting point with the representative of the office Prolov, completion of the formalities (hunting license, or additional payment), dinner.
1.hunting day - Saturday- 7.30 breakfast- 8.30 departure to the hunting - 9.00 opening of the hunting
- Morning 2-3 drives - lunch in the area - the hunt continues in the afternoon with another 2-3 drives -
Parade in the evening, the end of the hunt, dinner at the hotel.
The drive means that the hunters surround the pond of size 3-10hectares, overgrown with wild reed. The beaters and dogs go through the wild reed. Beaters and hunters are also in boats in the pond, the ducks take off, fly and they are bagged.
2.hunting day: Sunday the same program as Saturday
departure: on Sunday after the hunt or on Monday after breakfast (in the event you leave on Monday morning after breakfast you pay an extra 76€/Person

For hunting you will need:
rubber boots, hunting clothes for 5-25 degrees, raincoat, shot gun, the best possible bore 12 or automatous scatter gun. You need approximately 300 buckshots for a day. It is possible to buy cartridges in our Prolov shop.