Fallow deer- special offer

Fallow deer- special offer
Special offer (until 8 pieces will be sold out)

Fallow deer


Up to bronze medal
(Fallow deer approx. to 3 kg)

     1.518,- €

Fallow deer with bronz medal
(Fallow deer approx. from 3 to 3,5 kg)

     2.078,- €

Fallow deer with silver medal
(Fallow deer approx. from 3,5 to 4kg)

     2.878,- €

Fallow deer with gold medal
(Fallow deer approx. from 4 to 5 kg) 

     3.718,- €


Included in the price:
Shooting one Fallow deer 5-9kg
Hunting guide 3 hunting days (6 stalking)
Hunting organization
Insurance, hunting licence, hunting invitation
Transportation in the hunting area
Preparation – white skull
Interpreter service

Aditionall cost:
Accomodation with full board hunter:

Accomodation with full board guest:


Accomodation with ful board:

175,- € p.P./day (accomodation with full board,hunting guide,transportation in the hunting area)

In case of non-shooting or wounded piece the price is 1000,-€
 Estimated trophy size is calculated by hunting guide. The trophy is weighted 24 hours after the boiling, together with big skull and upper jaw. We recommended 3-5 hunting days for the fallow deer.